Installing of doors, windows and cabinets can be difficult when done manually. This is because it requires  a lot of labour and it is tiring but with the help of Viking arm tool, all this becomes easy. This article is going to focus on Viking arm tool. 


Viking arm tool is used when installing cabinets, doors and windows. It was designed in Norway and it is used by many people from different countries. It helps in installation and these are the benefits of Viking arm tool. 

Saves Money 

Installing of windows and doors is hard when done manually and it requires a lot of labour. This will require you to employ more labourers to do this type of work and it will be costly.  

When you purchase Viking arm tool, it will save you the labourers expense because this tool requires one person to do the installation. You will only have to pay for the purchase and do the installation by yourself. 

Saves Time 

This tool will do all the lifting, tightening  and pressing for you. The installation is very fast when done with Viking arm tool. This is because it is a one arm tool. All you have to do is to control the tool on how you want the installation to be done. 

High Quality 

Viking arm tool is made of aluminium. This makes it strong and durable for it to do all the lifting. It has a capacity of 150kg, standard base of 5mm×105mn×87mm , optional base of 3mm×77mm×62mm and a weight of 1.4kg. These qualities makes the tool efficient for installation and portable. 

User Friendly 

 The construction of this tool is unique which makes it user friendly. You do not have to be a graduate for you to know how to use it for installation. It is very easy and safe to use and does not endanger your health. All that is required is the use of your arm. 

Secures Safety 

Privacy is very important for everyone. When you install doors and windows to your property, it helps you secure the place. This is made possible by the help of Viking tool which helps you enhance security measures to your place.  

Inspires Creativity  

With this type of tool around, you will want to try different things. This will help you think beyond doors, windows and cabinets and make you want to install many other things at your place just to beautify it. 


Therefore, Viking arm tool Is the best for installation process of doors, cabinets and windows. It is user friendly and saves you a lot of money when it comes to installation.  

It has made it easy for everyone to do installation for themselves without hiring many people. The tool is made of high quality  which makes it suitable for this type of work. 

It also helps to enhance security in our property by the help of installing doors and windows. If you want the best tool for installation you should purchase a Viking arm tool.  

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